I went to Magnolia, located in Wakullah County, on 2/8/2017.

According to the ghost town website,

Two miles north of the marker on US 98, the town of Magnolia is located. It was founded in 1827, by the four Hamlin brothers of Augusta, Maine. The Hamlin family had been attracted to the new territory of Florida by the availability of land. The Hamlins chose a site on the St. Marks River which had potential for development into a port town. Because of the lack of overland routes to the north, coastal outlets were particularly important to the settlers and planters of Middle Florida. Magnolia quickly developed into a small but busy port, and in 1829, a U.S. customs house was established there. In the early 1830s, the town had a number of stores and warehouses as well as a bank. Increasing cotton production contributed to Magnolia’s commercial growth, but soon the climate and navigational difficulties on the river presented problems for the community. Competition came from he nearby town of St. Marks, and in the 1830s, the customs house was transfered there. Litigation over land claims in the area also contributed to the decline of the community. Bypassed in 1836 by the new railroad from Tallahassee to St. Marks, Magnolia was gradually abandoned. Nothing but a cemetery remains. By Mike Woodfin



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