Port Leon

I went to Port Leon, located in Wakulla County, on 2/8/2017. This isn’t Port Leon but this is a location which can lead you to Port Leon. Unfortunately, Port Leon is only accessible by boat.

According to the ghost town website,

This town was devastated by a hurricane and tidal wave in September 1843, just as the community was achieving stability and prosperity. It was incorporated in 1841, as the competitor of two other ports, Magnolia and St. Marks, Port Leon had eight or ten business houses, three or four warehouses, a hotel, and one or two taverns. Wakulla County records show it had a Post Office from 1840 to 1844. It was the seat of Wakulla County after Wakulla was created on March 11, 1843. A bridge across the St. Marks River tied the port to the Tallahassee Railroad. Cotton was transported by the St. Marks Railroad across the bridge and out on the dock at Port Leon for loading on ships, bound for the east coast. After the storm, Port Leon was never rebuilt. By Mike Woodfin


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