East Goose Creek

I went to East Goose Creek, located in Wakullah County, on 2/8/2017.

According to the ghost town website,

East Goose Creek was Platted in 1915 with the main road as Hotel Avenue (Wakulla Beach Road), Walker Street, Bond Street, Crawford Street, Hall Street, etc. The main property was owned by one ‘Miss Daisy’ Walker. As you travel south on Wakulla Beach Road (formerly Hotel Avenue) you come to a grove of Live Oak Trees. This is the lost town of East Goose Creek. You will pass the first hotel, now the Aller residence. If you continue to the bay, on your right in the brush, you can find the remains of the third hotel. Note the cast concrete columns around a pine tree center. The second was a wooden structure that probably was built on the same spot, just above the high water mark. The second hotel was destroyed by the 1928 hurricane. Across the bay to the east, at low tide, you can walk to an unidentified multi-story building and a railroad grade. East Goose Creek had plans of areas with titles such as Live Oak Park and Hotel Park. This never materialized. Today the area is known as Wakulla Beach.

The third and final hotel that is pictured, lasted through WW II. It turned into an entertainment spot for soldiers from Dale Mabry Field, Tallahassee and soldiers from Camp Gordon Johnston in Carrabelle. They would eat and dance to music on weekends. All this ended when the land was sold to the federal government in the late 40’s. As a part of the agreement, the owner, state Sen. Henry Walker, (descendant of Miss Daisy Walker) had the hotel torn down. By Mike Woodfin


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