I went to Paramore, located in Jackson County, on 2/6/2017. I completed Jackson County today. Yayee!

According to the ghost town website, Parramore was developed as a riverboat landing on the Chattahoochee River, in 1870, by the founder of the same name. It was originally called Parramore’s Landing. By 1875, the community started to grow with three riverboat landings, Watt’s Turpentine Still, Several Old Stores, Oak Grove Church, One room Schoolhouse, several farms like the Cotton and Sugarcane operation of the Cox’s and the Lawson Farm, Post Office, and a Grist Mill. Old Stories tell of the large dances held on the wooden dance floor of the Lawson Farm. The town, reaching its peak in 1905, was basically centered around the Oak Grove Church. Today, most of the early pioneers were laid to rest there. Apparently, the land was overfarmed by cotton and when the riverboat traffic was no longer needed, the town died off. The last of the old stores were torn down in the 1970’s. Pioneer names include Cloud, Lawson, Cox, Hewett, and Neal. By Mike Woodfin


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