I went to Andytown, located in Broward County, on 12/12/2016.

According to the ghost town website, 

Andy Poulus, then a linen service operator in Philadelphia, stopped in 1947 at a small cafe at the junction of U.S. 27 and S.R. 84 for a cup of coffee. He returned the next day and bought ten acres at the junction for $50,000. Poulus retired to south Florida and the junction developed into a sizable community. Poulus died in 1972 during a visit to his native Greece, a place he left at the age of ten. Andytown was demolished in 1979 to make way for the expansion of Alligator Alley, the section of Interstate 75 that crosses the Everglades.¬†Unsubstantiated information¬†says that Andytown was the inspiration for “Porky’s” from the movie of the same name. By Mike Woodfin