Kreamer Island

I visited Kreamer Island, located in Palm Beach County, on 8/14/2016.

According to the Ghosttown website,

Kreamer Island was settled as a fishing and agricultural settlement in the 1800s. Access was very limited and most everything arrived by boat. There were several dwellings, a store, church, and a school. In fact, one of the dwellings served as a home, post office, and general store. Inaccessability and the weather contributed to the demise of the community. Several hurricanes continually damaged the village, especially the great hurricane in the 1920s; which killed approximately 1000 people around the lake. When the dike was raised from 6 feet to about 20 feet, much of the area was flooded. Some folks lived on the island into the 20th Century but all are gone now. The only access to the northern part of the island would be by airboat. By Mike Woodfin


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