I visited Chosen, located in Palm Beach County, on 8/14/2016.

According to the Ghosttown website,

J.R. Leatherman, a preacher from Virginia, founded the town of Chosen along the southeast bank of Lake Okeechobbee. It was originally a Calusa Indian site with artifacts and burial mounds. The town name came from a Biblical reference to “this being the Chosen Place.” It was a farming community and in 1921 had its own school and Post Office. It met its untimely end when the Hurricane of 1928 flooded and destroyed many of the small communities around the Lake. The muck dike on the south part of the Lake was breached by a 17 foot wave, sending a wall of black muddy water thru the town. The McCormick family who lived in Chosen, at the time, documented their experience during the storm, which ultimately killed over 2300 people. In the 1930s, the Smithsonian Institute excavated the Calusa Indian settlement at the former town of Chosen, now referred to by many simply as “Indian Mound”. By Jim Pike



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