Bean City

I went to Bean City, which is located in Palm Beach County, on 8/14/2016.

According to the Ghosttown website,

Bean City began as one of several farming communities in the Everglades. It was named after its primary crop, string beans. In 1923, the Bean City School opened, and the population consisted mainly of owners, workers, and management of the large vegetable farms and sugar plantations. The town was right along the southern ridge of Lake Okeechobee and was flooded and destroyed in the 1928 Hurricane, with all but one house being demolished. It was somewhat rebuilt over the following years, and by 1936 once more had its own school and received a post office. Following a 1952 school board evaluation, the Bean City School was closed, and the post office closed in 1973. The townsite has steadily disappeared in the years following, and today consists of sugarcane fields and a few houses along the old road. By Jim Pike


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