Punta Rassa

I completed Lee County today(5/18/2016). Woo Hoo!!!

Punta Rassa is located in Lee County. I went there on 5/18/2016.

According to the Ghosttown website,

From 1835 – 1865, Punta Rassa was a site of many indian skirmishes during the Seminole Indian Wars, where Fort Dulaney was built. Fort Dulaney was used again during the Civil War when Punta Rassa became a thriving South Florida Port. At the end of the Civil War, the area was abandoned. In 1869, the International Ocean Cable Company of Newark NJ (later becoming Western Union) made Punta Rassa as the Southern most end of the telegraph line. Crew foreman, George Schultz became the telegraph operator in the abandoned Ft. Dulaney Barracks. Schultz and his wife lived in one end and the telegraph office was in the other section. When cattle came to Punta Rassa, the Schultz’s found themselves letting Florida cowboys bed down on their floor during the cattle drives. They were fed for $1.50 a meal. From this, an Inn was born. In the 1880s, the area became known as a great sport fishing area and was frequented by the wealthy. In 1906, the Inn caught fire and burned to the ground. The resort was missed so much that wealthy patrons raised funds to rebuild and in 1907, for $40,000, the Schultz Company Hotel was created.  This Inn withstood the hurricane of 1910 but burned down again in 1913. By Mike Woodfin


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