Vogt Springs

Vogt Springs is located in Marion County. I went there on 5/15/2016.


According to the Ghosttown website,

Vogt Springs is the repudiated site of the first discovery of phosphate in Florida by Albertus Vogt in 1889. Although it was not necessarily considered a town, this community was the location of a flurry of activity when Vogt secretly discovered phosphate on his 10 acres he had purchased from James Benfro, in 1884. For obvious reasons Voyt attempted to keep it secret. Actually, the discovery was made by an employee of Vogt, Tom Stark, who was cleaning up the area in preparation of an annual fish fry. While digging, Mr. Stark unearthed bones buried in a white chalky substance. The activity created the boomtown of Dunnellon in short order. The spring was originally called Renfro Springs, due to its previous owner and new Hodges Ferry operator James N. Renfro. He named it Renfro Springs about 1860. In addition to the Renfro owned general store, a post office was established at Renfro in 1886 and, of course, Mr. Renfro was ordained the new postmaster. The area had two local general stores, Renfro’s and another one owned by a gentleman named Helvinston. The post office only lasted one year when the name was changed to Dunnellon and in 1887, moved to Illinois Street in Dunnellon. The community site was absorbed into Dunnellon. The phosphate industry, as lucrative as gold, created a huge insurgence into Florida but now most of the industry can be found further south. By Mike Woodfin



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