I completed Levy County today(5/14/2016)!!!

Montbrook is located in Levy County. I went there on 5/14/2016.

According to the Ghosttown website,

Montbrook was once a large community with several churches, a hotel, businesses, a post office, 2 sawmills, livery stables, a barber, 3 general stores and a public school. It was the most extensive lumber town in the area. Montbrook was named in honor of Montholon Brooks (1855-1929) who is buried in the Plummer Cemetary a few miles from Montbrook. This town had a few name changes over the years as indicated by postal records. It began as the town of Ambler. It was then established August 10, 1891 as Phoenix. Name changed to Montbrook on September 30, 1955. The post office then closed down somewhere between 1892-1900 when a sawmill fire destroyed the town. At this time, Montbrook became a part of the town of Williston. By Sherrieann Drake


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