Croom is located in Hernando County. I went there on 5/13/2016.

According to the Ghosttown website,

In the late 1890s, Croom was a vital little agricultural town that sported a turpentine still, sawmill, sugar mill, RR switch out and a RR Bridge. The people of Brooksville would ride the train out to the town and swim in the river under the Old Iron RR Bridge. Just to the right of the bridge sight is the area where a ferry used to run. Up the hill from the ferry site is said to be the site of the ferry caretaker’s home. The home is gone but the pumphouse is reportedly still there. There are many artifacts out in the woods of the Croom management area including deserted family cemetaries. The area is known for hiking and bike trails. Exploring is a must. Be careful during hunting season. This is prime wild turkey hunting land. The RR bridege and the ferry site can be accessed from the other side of the river at a management area called Hog Island. By Mike Woodfin



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