Charlotte County is completed!!! Yayee!!!

Sparkman is located in Charlotte County. I went there today (3/20/2016.)

According to the ghost town site,

Sparkman was a turpentine and sawmill town just a short ways north of Bermont. Sources claim it was named either for Senator John Sparkman or a real estate investor named Thomas Sparkman. The area was first settled around 1905 and continued to grow until the mid 1910s. In addition to the sawmill and turpentine stills, it had a school that doubled as a church on weekends, a general store, and like Bermont it had it’s own local baseball team. Sparkman also received it’s own post office in 1914. The Florida Land Boom lead to investors purchasing large areas of land in Sparkman. Very ambitious subdivisions were platted out and even had streets and sidewalks put in. However, few were sold before the boom collapsed in 1925. By 1926, only seven families still lived in Sparkman. The investor-owned properties eventually went to the government for back taxes, and by the time the post office closed in 1942, Sparkman was already abandoned. Today most of the former townsite is part of the Hall Ranch. Little still exists from the old town. By Jim Pike


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