Sun City

Sun City is a small city in Florida (Hillsborough County). I went here on 7/27/2015.

According to the Ghosttown website,

Back in 1925, old Sun City came into being about 3 miles south of Ruskin. Sun City was promoted as Florida’s Moving Picture City and enticed buyers with the prospect of living among stars of the silver screen. As part of this promotion, streets were named after prominent film stars, directors and studios of the period. Many of the streets still exist and here-and-there you can still see the curbing from 1925. One of the streets is named Blythe Avenue. Betty Blythe was known in the silent screen era for her very revealing costumes. But most modern day folks would know her as the elegant Queen of Transylvania in the embassy ball scene in My Fair Lady, where she stops and addresses Audrey Hepburn.
Back in 1925, the Sun City developer also spent $300,000 to build a 70 by 190 foot movie studio, described as: This building, of Spanish-Moorish architecture, is of steel construction and fireproof throughout, with walls of brick and tile overlaid with stucco and having an attractive mother of pearl finish. No expense was spared to make this studio both beautiful and practical. In addition to the four business offices, there are vaults, cutting room, developing facilities, projection room, spacious carpenter ship and property room, and a score of dressing rooms, baths and waiting rooms. A departure from the conventional studio is the visitor’s gallery, from which guests may witness filming of the silver screen celebrities and any studio work. The lofty tower affords a splendid view of the entire town, the glistening waters of Tampa Bay and the Little Manatee, and of the surrounding woodlands in all directions.
After the Florida land-bubble burst in 1932, the development went under and the movie studio was razed. The road back to the current Hide-A-Way RV camp is built on the right-of-way for the boulevard that led back to the studio.
There was also a $100,000 power plant to supply electricity to the community and the movie studio. After Sun City went bust, the power plant equipment was sold to Boca Grande. The power plant building still exists as an antique business on the west side of Route 41. It’s the building with the tall windows that have arches at the top. Mike and Aaron Woodfin


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